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Muslims roast MAC Cosmetics for suhoor makeup tutorial video

MAC Makeup Set Where to buy Cheap MAC Cosmetics Wholesale MAC Makeup Sets Cheap Outlet Online, Here is Your Favorite Discount Brands Make Up Supplier Dropship Free Shipping. Muslims on Twitter are roasting MAC Cosmetics for a Ramadan-themed tutorial video they say missed its mark.

MAC Makeup Sets Cheap Who didn't love flavored lip glosses? Even if you weren't the biggest fan of a particular flavor, you probably brought them anyway because you had to collect them all. Your love of flavored lip products might have waned over the years, but prepare for it to be ignited because MAC Cosmetics is launching a Oh Sweetie Lipcolours collection with 15 flavors.

MAC Cosmetics Middle East published a video on YouTube this week offering Muslim women makeup tips forˇ­ drumroll pleaseˇ­ the pre-dawn meal suhoor.

The MAC Makeup Kit brand appears to have confused suhoor, which most Muslims consume before starting the day's fast, with iftar, the meal they typically eat with friends and family after the sun sets and fasting ends.

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Back in March, Dominic Skinner, Global Senior Artist for MAC Cosmetics, shared a photo of a collection of MAC Makeup Kits For Sale what he described as scented Lipglasses. There was no news about the launch date, but he said the glosses smelled and tasted divine. It appears that the MAC Cosmetics Oh Sweetie Lipcolours could be the final version of the product he teased given that there's some overlap in the shades, most notably with the mouthwatering Death by Chocolate shade.

In the campaign images, MAC Cosmetics hasn't unveiled what the other 13 flavors are, but Dominic's Instagram teaser also mentioned Banana Muffins (bright tangerine), Coconut Macaroon (neutral rose pink), Funfetti Cake (shimmering white), Raspberry Cream (electric pink) and Strawberry Torte (red). We're so hoping that a Funfetti Cake made the final edit.

Has your obsession with flavored lip products been reignited yet? The MAC Cosmetics Oh Sweetie Lipcolours will launch in June. Stay tuned for more details.