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MAC Cosmetics Releasing Aaliyah Line for its Upcoming Collection

Buy MAC Lipstick Online Buy Authentic Cheap MAC Makeup Lipstick Wholesale MAC Cosmetics Outlet Online,Your Favorite Discount Brands Make Up Supplier Dropship Free Shipping. The beauty business is booming. It seems that every celebrity is getting their own makeup brand, even the deceased. At the request of the fans, MAC Cosmetics is bringing Aaliyah's brand back to life with a new collection, and they are keeping the name under wraps until the big reveal June 20 online and in stores on June 21.

Cheap MAC Lipstick Summertime has a reputation for being the most low-stress, breezy season of them all. Except, of course, when it comes to wearing makeup. As soon as the temp spikes, makeup seems to start sliding right off or amplifying shine-a result that's anything but chill.

This comes on the heels of another celeb who has passed on: Latin singer/songwriter Selena. Her collection, which did extremely well for the brand, selling out in the first 24 hours of being released, is now retailing online from third-party platforms like eBay for as much as $600. MAC said it was the best-selling celebrity collection in cosmetic history.

What we found Wholesale MAC Makeup were seven standouts with powers to absorb excess oil, stay steadfast in the face of sweat, and even hydrate skin without a greasy feel. Then, with quality products in hand, another discovery: The key to faking a perfect summer complexion is just as much in how a product is used, whether the formula is a liquid, cream, powder, or gel-cream hybrid. In every case below, we achieved the most convincing camouflage by applying a teeny bit of product (we're talking one pea size or less, here, folks) and then building up from there, if necessary. Ahead, see which no-budge foundations best stand up to sweltering weather, so we can reclaim summer (and our complexion) for what it should be-effortless, uncomplicated, and naturally lit.

Currently, Aaliyah's line boasts what the brand feels to be her signature lip shade in a bold red; a deep, almost burgundy lip glass; and a bronzing powder that's filled with shimmer and sparkle. Over 300,000 fans have liked the social media posts since MAC shared the images and news about the release earlier this week so we anticipate that sales will move fast.

The question then remains, MAC Make up Sale is beauty the real business for the female celebrity? Having a makeup line has become a staple moneymaker for artists like Rihanna, personality Kim Kardashian West and her little sister Kylie Jenner. Rihanna's debut line, Fenty, grossed over $72 million in its first month out, and Kim K.'s KKW Beauty netted her $14 million upon release, selling out in less than three hours. Jenner didn't do badly either, grossing over $420 million in sales in only 18 months.

How we wish every foundation could be packaged like this one-its oversized doe-foot applicator makes child's play of dotting just the right amount onto skin (something that's tough to do when dispensing from overly generous pumps). But it's not just the genius packaging that gets points. The buildable liquid is formulated to absorb oil and deliver a true matte finish, which allows you to stamp out the kind of shine that tends to plant itself on the forehead, chin, and nose come sweltering weather. Also rad: The vegan formula is waterproof and free of oil, talc, and alcohol.

It may seem counterintuitive to add oils and emollients to skin while sweating buckets, but we need to maintain its natural moisturizing factors to prevent flakiness. Here's where things get particularly tricky: There's absolutely no room for greasiness when skin already feels hot and sticky. Enter, this skin-care and makeup hybrid, which joins the hydrating elements of a moisturizer (thanks to a cocktail of fermented ingredients including coconut water, sea kelp, and pumpkin), the UV protection of broad-spectrum sunscreen, and the complexion-evening powers of a full-coverage foundation. Blending a few dabs into skin helps boost combination skin. Plus, it won't leave an oily sheen or make you feel like you're wearing a heavy cloak of makeup.